Interview Advice

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Prior to arranging any interview you will have been fully briefed by one of The Caraires Consultants and if you follow the following steps below you will be less likely to be nervous and show confidence.

First impression count so make sure that the moment you enter the building you are courteous to all members of staff. People often make their mind up about somebody within the first few moments of meeting them, so you dont want to get off to a bad start. An employer is interested in your personality just as much as your paper qualifications. Often the interview performance is the key deciding factor on candidate selection. Aim to impress from the start.


Ensure that you carry out reasearch on the company. Try to find out as much information as possible. This will show that you have a positive attitude and that you are interested in the position. Most companies have a website so this should be your first port of call. Familiarise yourself with the companies products, future goals, previous achievements and business sectors. If the company has a sizeable web presence then you could jepordise your chances by not undertaking any research. If the company has no website then try the web search engines as there may have been articles written about them. If all else fails then ring them up and ask for some company information.


Ensure you are familiar with your CV. Read it through a couple of times. You will be asked questions on the content. If you have had several jobs in a short space of time, please ensure that you have positive reasons.

Job Description

Familiarise yourself with the job description prior to the interview. Not all the details will be available immediately but these will be advised during the interview. Try to ascertain the qualities, skills and experience required for the role and think of examples that will highlight your strengths.


Dress as smartly and as neatly as possible. A suit would be preferable. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Ensure that your shoes have be cleaned and polished.  Ensure hair is tidy and do not wear too much jewellery.


Plan your journey in advance. Arriving too early is not considered appropriate - 10 minutes should be sufficient. Just enough time to visit the washroom if necessary. Consider atrial run of the journey if driving and you are not to familiar with the location. Always allow a little extra time in case of traffic delays. If you are going to be late ensure that you ring the consultant or interviewer immediately.

The Interview

Greet the interviewer with a friendly smile and shake hands firmly. Adopt a good straight posture and do not slouch when seated. Speak concisely and clearly and maintain an acceptable level of eye contact. Be confident and alert. Listen to what is being said and think about the answers that you are about to give. Give plenty of positive examples to the questions asked but do not talk unnecessarily. Avoid one word answers.


Ask questions that you have previously prepared. By asking questions it shows that you are interested in the role.


Sample questions to ask the interviewer.

Have their been any internal applicants?

What type of person are you looking for?

What qualities are you looking for in a candidate?

Is there any training available and what form will this take?

What are the personalities of the team?

Why did the last person leave this position?

How long have you worked for the company?

What do you think about the company?


The most important question to ask at the end of the interview is

What is the next stage following this interview?


Interview Do's

Dress smartly

Be prepared

Talk clearly and concisely

Be confident and focussed

Good body language - smile, good level of eye contact

Thank the interviwer for their time in seeing you.

Interview Dont's

Exaggerate your qualifications or experience

Ask the salary

Criticise previous employers

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